Welcome to the Permacomputing wiki!

What is this?


Started in May 2022, this wiki is about permacomputing, a radically sustainable approach to computing inspired by permaculture, with a focus on utilizing already available computational resources.

The wiki is still at a very early stage of development, we don't know yet what permacomputing can be or could be. We need your help, specially if you have expertise in ecology, environmentalism and computer/net technology. If you want to contribute, please contact us for editing privileges.

This main page of the wiki is an index to the various topics covered. See "about" for a more detailed discussion about the wiki itself.


New to permacomputing?

If you are unfamiliar with permacomputing, please start reading about its principles.




Around, nearby and beyond

  • Communities that (may) have compatible goals and interests;
  • More fine-grained properties of software built using permacomputing principles, and how they're shared by neighboring communities;
  • Damaged Earth Catalog covers concepts and movements related to permacomputing.


It's difficult to speak of Permacomputing as a community just yet. However we would like to welcome and include as many people as possible in the discussion. At the moment we use the following means to exchange and stay in touch with each others:

Note: the IRC channel and the list are moderated and you must agree to our terms.