Computing within Limits (or LIMITS) is an annual workshop concerning the role of computing in human societies affected by real-world limits. As the official website states, "As an interdisciplinary group of researchers, practitioners, and scholars, we seek to reshape the computing research agenda, grounded by an awareness that contemporary computing research is intertwined with ecological limits in general and climate- and climate justice-related limits in particular."

The workshop was started in 2015 as a response how ?Sustainable ICT circles reacted to ideas such as planetary limits or possible technological collapse. This is perhaps why many of the papers from the early years are connected with Collapse computing. In later years, the focus shifted towards "computing systems that support diverse human and non-human lifeforms within thriving biospheres", which is very much in line with what Permacomputing stands for.

Concepts originating from LIMITS include:

  • ?Benign computing
  • ?Regenerative computing

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