DawnOS is an entire operating system hosted on a One Instruction-Set Computer(SUBLEQ). The binaries for such a system break down to a much longer list of machine operations, but they take fewer transistors to run, and can be pipelined due to their uniform size.


DawnOS came with a text file, written by the author, lamenting the current state of computing:

Imagine that software development becomes so complex and expensive that no software is being written anymore, only apps designed in devtools.

Imagine a computer, which requires 1 billion transistors to flicker the cursor on the screen. Imagine a world, where computers are driven by software written from 400 million lines of source code.

Imagine a world, where the biggest 20 technology corporation totaling 2 million employees and 100 billion USD revenue groups up to introduce a new standard. And they are unable to write even a compiler within 15 years.

"This is our current world."

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