This section features workshops, talks, and other permacomputing connected activities. If you are planning to organize your own event and want to be featured or would like to link an existing permacomputing activity, please contact us!


  • 2023/12/02 - Practices of Digital Resilience & Permacomputing, at FIBER, NL, with brendan, ?cmos4040, ?l03s, ?luen, Marie Verdeil, ola, ?orx, Sunjoo Lee, ugrnm and unbinare
  • 2023/09/21 - Approach To Computing and Sustainability Inspired From Permaculture, at Strange Loop 2023, USA, with neau
  • 2023/06/14 - permacomputing aesthetics, at LIMITS23, US/International, with brendan, ?dusan, ugrnm and viznut
  • 2023/02/22 - Permacomputing in the academy: how to problematise computer technology in art and design education, keynote at ETHO/ELIA, UK, with ugrnm
  • 2022/10/28 - Introduction to Permacomputing, at Zine Camp, NL, with ugrnm and ola
  • 2022/3/10 - permacomputing overview, at Natural Intelligence Lab (FIBER), NL, with ?l03s, ola and ugrnm

Courses, workshops and seminars

  • 2023/11/30-2023/12/01 - Networking with Nature: Connecting plants and second-hand electronics, at Fiber Reassemble Lab 2023, NL, with brendan and ?orx
  • 2023/11/17-2023/11/18 - Imagination above Productivity: Resurfacing and scaling the digital ecosystem around us, at Fiber Reassemble Lab 2023, NL, with ola
  • 2023/10/13-2023/10/14 - The Cloud is Just my Old Computer: Creating a permacomputing server, at Fiber Reassemble Lab 2023, NL, with ?luen and ugrnm
  • 2023/01/7 - permacomputing and Low-power Photography, at The Sustainable Darkroom, UK, with Felix Loftus
  • 2022/04/01-ongoing - permacomputing in the arts, at the Willem de Kooning Academy, NL, with ugrnm

Meetings and seminars

  • 2024/02/28 - Permacomputing Meet-Up, ( in Berlin, Germany.
  • 2023/09/20 - Permacomputing Meetup, Saint-Louis, Missouri, US
  • 2023/06/22 - permacomputing seminar, at Royal Halloway University of London, UK, with Olga Goriunova, ?l03s, Dave Young and ugrnm
  • 2022/08/20-2021/08/21 - permacomputing wiki edit-a-thon, at Varia, NL
  • 2022-ongoing - Regular permacomputing meetups at [Iffy Books]!( in Philadelphia, PA, US

TODO: lots of stuff missing: Critical Infra lab launch, etc.