goal of this doc: find a good narrative and structure for discussing pmc, across fields, at any level, and in a way that is representative of the whole pmc spectrum from its daily practical considerations to its most speculative ambition.

This could be used to better explain the scope of pmc and also help structure the wiki landing page to help new readers directing themselves and could help create the main sections of the forum.

1. collective problematisation

purpose: onboarding

framing the urgency, newbie corner, staying up to date, relevant events,

Focus on: the bigger picture, helping ppl figure what pmc can be in their context/situation, initiatives that can be inspiring for organisations, schools, collectives, etc. ICT is everywhere, so it should not be hard to find a relevant point of friction.

2. practical degrowth now

purpose: working with what is avail now

The practices that can buy us some time and a place to help learn from each other to acquire some technical skills, showcasing how it can be applied in wide range of practices and context.

Focus on: Mutual help, re-use, repurpose. Stretching the lifespan of electronic devices while stopping dependence on big tech. Community servers. Low footprint digital life. Living labs. Working with e-waste. Self-hosting. least harmful alternatives to x y z. Doing less with less.

3. tomorrow

purpose: research and discussion on pmc futures of computation

While 1. and 2. are useful to put into motion collective action and practical strategies today, we cannot possibly build a future on the margins of the technological leftovers of the most dominant and privileged groups.

Focus on: pmc design principles, politics, culture, design of radically novel software and hardware, lobbying, ecology, regenerative scenarios, intersectional research, collective ownership.