This website is a wiki dedicated to permacomputing.


If you want to contribute to the permacomputing wiki, read the page about editing.


It is possible to consult this wiki on port 80, that is to say using http:// instead of https://. The reason to keep providing such access is to allow modest but capable computers, as well as simple/legacy browsers, to access the content. Note that when registering, authenticating or editing, you will be redirected to port 443, https://.

Local/Offline copies

We use ikiwiki as wiki compiler. This wiki exists in fact as a collection of plaintext source files that are automatically turned into static HTML files whenever an edit is made to these source files.

Because these plaintext source files and HTLM files are very portable and easy to copy, you are encouraged to have local copies in order to be less dependent on WWW or individual server installations.

See cloning to learn how to make local/offline copies.

Install Notes

If you are curious how this was all installed and configured, we took some notes on this page.