This is a list of projects that share goals and/or values with permacomputing, either explicitly or because we think they do connect somehow Of course given how the permacomputing definition and principles leave some room for indidividual and collective (re-)interpretations, we are aware of the difficulty in framing precisely what may or may not fit precisely.

At time of writing there is no plan to go for ISO certification :) however, we do hope that the projects who make use of the term permacomputing can be articulated meaningfully and demonstrate a practice in relation to the definition and principles.

This is why this section is also an opportunity to review and highlights strengths and pitfalls of these various projects, and inspire each other. Make use of the Discussion page of each project for comments and discussion.

The people behind the following projects may have used the term permacomputing to describe their work, or we see strong and/or potential relevance:

Projects whose relevance has not yet been fully assessed:

It is important to remember that these are attempts at drawing lines at the edge of one's computing needs, and personalized systems to address those needs, but are by no means "permacomputing products". Permacomputing is about finding these limits, and not their artifacts.